We go overboard on our effort and ingredients to let our customers taste their youth by eating one of our older dishes. We roast Skewered meat, BBQ pork and chicken liver altogether full of sweetness but with guilt, modern city people may fear it, but it’s taste is unforgettable, and even elders who grew up eating our golden chicken cannot describe how good this cheap dish taste Older styled restaurants always has had their own belief of sticking to their own recipe, it may seem simple, but it is the reason of why our customers love our nostalgic foods, we put 100% effort into this dish and we insist on using quality ingredients, this is the reason why our boss is proud of Lung Kee restaurant.

Most importantly, every dishes we made, no matter it is roasted or mix sauce, we taste it ourselves, Lung Kee restaurant has its own flavor, we have our own effect. "Our ingredients are made by ourselves even if we give you our recipe you would not be able to make the same quality of food"

We insist on using fresh pork and never use frozen pork. This is the difference between us and the average roasted pork. Every day, people come from Wufengxing to buy pork, every pig is stamped with Y057, ensuring its freshness, only a few stores in Hong Kong can match our quality of Roasted pork. Our heavily trained handlers and employees not only makes the skin crunchy it gives the pork and fresh and meaty taste, more freshness the more meaty it would taste

Lung Kee restaurant opened branch! The first branch of Lung Kee restaurant, which was prepared for a long time, was finally opened on March 28th. The branch is conveniently located at 300-302 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong, near Exit B of Sheung Wan MTR Station.