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Fresh pork, special ketchup sauce, and the cooking skills of Lung Kee chef, naturally produce a completely different and fascinating Lung Kee pork roast. We believed that every customer who likes Hong Kong-style siu mei will linger in the Lung Kee restaurant. The fragrant sauce is sweet with honey, and the Lung Kee's pork roast is also tightly adhered to the rules of fatness and thinness. It ensures the taste and ensures the quality of each dish.

Openrice Dinner!

Lung Kee restaurant is a Roaster Pork restaurant that has been in business for more than 50 years and has perfected technology of roasting meat and pork roast. Most of the chefs there have been working from their teens to their fifties. They not only have a lot of experience in cooking, but also have deep relationships and experience with loyal customers. They have been buying fresh food in the same store for decades.


This restaurant is one of the 4 best roast meat shops. They insist on cooking with only the finest ingredients and never using frozen foods. They use the plant system behind the store, which means they process the ingredients themselves and sell them at the front desk, a bit like a mini factory. Stars-hk.com also named this store as the most traditional tasting place in Hong Kong.

Delicious recommendation: barbecued pork

The pork roast made of fresh pork is different from the natural pork roast. It is inevitable to mention this "home-made" barbecued pork sauce! Generally, the pork roast that can be purchased on the market lacks the mind of homemade barbecued pork sauce. The Lung Kee restaurant 's own special barbecued pork sauce, with years of experience, sweet but not greasy, with the pork roast made of fresh pork, is not comparable to other!